Vision& mission & goals

college vision

- Draw qualified methods and means to build an educational cadre based on sound scientific foundations and with high professional ethics.
- Improving the outputs of the college in line with the civilizational progress in the world.
Encouraging the trend towards providing an academic, psychological and social environment that supports creativity, excellence, innovation and talent refinement.
Upgrading education and scientific research to meet the community's needs of qualified teachers and scientific researchers in order to achieve sustainable human development and quality requirements in higher education.

2- College Massage

- Establishing the principles of scientific knowledge to keep pace with the global scientific and technological progress and according to a future vision for building a healthy society.
- Meeting the current and future needs of the Ministry of Education for qualified teachers in humanitarian specializations.
Building an educated and conscious generation committed to lofty values.
Openness in dealing with contemporary developments leading to the acquisition of science.
- Using all the latest developments to develop the staff and the community.
Respecting human rights and spreading the concept of transparency, tolerance and democracy.

3- Strategic Objectives:

Professional preparation for students in the various specializations that make up the college, making it a new generation of qualified teachers who are able to carry knowledge and deliver it to middle and middle school students, according to the courses and curricula prepared and appropriate for the mental and intellectual abilities of the students.
Contribute to community service by providing scientific, educational and psychological advice to institutions and individuals in the relevant ministries, and conducting scientific research in all college disciplines to solve the problems facing the community in its various sectors.
Work in the field of scientific research through the scientific plans provided by the college departments and the research of the teaching staff.
Building the educated and conscious human being, armed with science and knowledge, and capable of creativity and dealing with the developments of the times.
- Using modern technologies to integrate other methodological aspects, and to introduce them as an essential part of their education programmes.
The work mechanism in the college and its consistency with the scientific departments and the matters that need to be organized and followed up, especially in the field of arranging the administrative systems of the units and trying to educate the employee administratively and socially, as well as other things that are currently being planned to be within the work plan of the Quality and University Performance Division. One of the most important obstacles to work in the college is a severe shortage of staff, due to the lack of staff due to the lack of job grades assigned to the college.