The vision, mission, and goals of the Department of History

The vision and mission of the History Department and its objectives for the academic year (2020-2021) The Department of History at the College of Education at the University of Basra was established in 1975, and it began at the level of a branch within the Department of Social Sciences and remained at this level until 1982, when it became independent and became an existing department in its own right. Postgraduate Studies/Master’s in Modern History and Islamic History since 1986, and until now, the department also hosted, starting in 2002, its first course for doctoral students in the two mentioned specializations.. Vision : Since ancient times, humanity has been on the path of discovering itself through science and knowledge, which is an end and a means at the same time. The present and the future are a goal, but history/the past is a summary of human experience and a cognitive means by which we build people psychologically and educationally through the positive employment of heritage in line with our reality today.. the message : Deepening historical awareness as part of building the human being scientifically and morally..Science and ethics are the pillar of the national spirit, and when we are liberated from ignorance, we elevate the human being and existence and build the nation.. Target : Developing the spirit of historical research and analysis among students by knowing the causes and consequences of historical accidents and drawing lessons and lessons from them. The model of the teacher aware of his role and his job, enlightened by his specialization, the ambition to serve his country, the believer in its unity despite the ethnic, religious and sectarian diversity of its population.