Speech of Dean

The objective and value-based understanding that leads to building societies is based on an educational foundation that is formulated in constructive educational and educational templates in a manner that is in harmony with the level of development witnessed by the world, and even consistent with its effects.
 Hence, it is time for this generation to assume the responsibility entrusted to it and to benefit from the system of concepts and experiences that it has become aware of with this educational outcome and the elements of production that it carries and the advancement of all areas of life because this educational level and this humanistic educational college represent the stage of intellectual foundation because it deals with the human being himself, which is  Who makes what is made and produces what is produced for other aspects of life. It suffices to say that this college prepares professional cadres that are related to human life in all fields in order to understand and realize the extent and necessity of believing in the importance of its outputs in building a generation that understands the concept of belonging to the homeland and even settling the soul, culture and energy in its service, construction, progress and prosperity  .
 All of these facts double the responsibility of the cadres in charge of this college, because dealing with the humanities that build human culture is one of the very difficult matters that have been humiliated by the faith and keenness of those cadres to build the country so that the effects are evident in this generation of students or leaders who we rely on a lot in these circumstances.