Scientific activities of the Department of Quranic Sciences


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Mr. Dr. Abdul Basit Khalil Muhammad

Musnad Yahya bin Maeen (collection, study and investigation)


M.D. Qassem Abbas Laibi

  1. Compiling and transcribing the Qur’an: Responses to Contemporary Doubts
  2. The role of Shiite scholars in preserving the unity and independence of Iraq
  3. The Qur’an and science between contradiction and harmony
  4. Historical text of the Qur'an between acceptance
  5. Quranic readings and the problem of distortion of the Quranic text
  6. The duality of spending and usury in the Qur’anic text
  7. Modern approaches to understanding the Qur’anic text: Hermeneutics as a model
  8. Psychological miracles, an applied study
  9. The Qur’an and the Human Experience: Applied Models
  10. The story between the Qur'anic text and Jewish sources Reflections on verses 4-18 of Surat Yusuf

A.M.D. Shorouk Mohsen Kateh

  1. Semantic convergence in the words of fire in the Holy Quran
  2. The kinetic image in Nahj al-Balaghah

A.M.D. Kamal Hammadi Sfeih

The theory of the arbitrator and the similar in the Noble Qur’an according to Sayyid Al-Tabatabai in the interpretation of Al-Mizan: study, criticism and analysis


A.M.D. Hikmat Jareh Patience

  1. The feeding verse in Surat Al-Insan (A study of the narrations of the reasons for revelation and the money directed to it).
  2. The hadith of the dead being tortured by the crying of his family over him (study and analysis)

Prof. Dr. Falah Abdel Hassan Hashem

  1. Covering women's hair, a study in the light of Quranic and narrative data.
  2. Sexual harassment and its jurisprudence (a critical study of the relevant legal articles in the Iraqi civil law).
  3. Buildings of jurisprudential deduction according to Imam al-Sadr (A study of the jurisprudential buildings of the School of Martyr al-Sadr).
  4. The most important Islamic history books, their curricula and ways of dealing with historical narratives.
  5. Authentic cut between the possibility of deterrence and its impossibility a jurisprudential study.
  6. State or government rulings (a study of its concept and the faculties of deduction).
  7. Jurisprudential fatwas and their role in strengthening national unity and preventing sectarian division.
  8. Takfiri thought and its extremist methods, a study to consolidate and devote the thought of moderation, tolerance and doctrinal rapprochement.

Dr. Uday Saleh Jabbar

The rule of dissent and phonemic analogy and its applications in the Qur’anic text: a phonetic semantic study


M.D. Ali Diagham Taher

  1. Social interpretation and its impact on the application of the concepts of the Qur’an in contemporary reality
  2. Explanation of the divine rulings in the Qur’an
  3. Towards an educational interpretation of the Holy Quran
  4. The nature of the Holy Quran

M.D. Sana Zaki Ali

  1. The singular numbers in the Noble Qur’an, their positions, topics and grammatical rules
  2. The significance of the verbal conjugations of the word “purchase” in the Holy Qur’an
  3. The significance of negativity in the Qur’anic contrast
  4. Linguistic criticism in the book of Al-Zahir by Ibn Al-Anbari (338 AH)
  5. The contingency of looting and context theory

M.D. Ahmed Farag Falih

1- Judge Al-Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Jazami, died in 392 AH and his scientific and military role in Andalusia

2- Muawiya bin Saleh bin Hadir al-Hadrami (died 158 AH) and his scientific and administrative role in Andalusia.

3- The Andalusian city of Quriya

4- Ibn Al-Arif and his role in the scientific movement in Andalusia

E - The myth in Andalusia


M. Nadia Muhammed Jassim

Meanings of the preposition from in Surat Taha


M. Mortada Jawad Awwad

  1. The angels of legal rulings in contemporary jurisprudence
  2. Memorization crowding out and its impact on the process of jurisprudential deduction.

millimeter. Muhannad Abdul Razzaq

Metaphor in Surat Al-Baqarah


millimeter. Ali Hamza Ali

1. Weighting according to the Book and the Sunnah.

2. Weighting by type of judgment.


M. Mohamed Abdel Baqi Mahmoud

1- proposal specification of building data center for virtual global net.

2- Uncertain data reduction based on demographic analysis for tourist place recommendation.

3- privacy preserving uncertain data removal on web usage mining


M. Ahmed Jassim Thani

  1. Linguistic borrowing in commercial advertisements for the city of Basra.
  2. Arabization of words and the spread of melody in our contemporary dialect.
  3. Right and wrong in samples of the official books of the University of Basra.
  4. Mahmoud Al-Bustani and his approach to reading and analyzing the religious text.
  5. From the eloquence of the novelistic heritage of Imams Al-Kadhim and Al-Jawad (pbuh).
  6. From the connotations of language and style in visiting the holy area.
  7. The language of poetry and its aesthetics at Mahdi Jinnah Al-Kazemi.