An M.A. thesis at Basrah University Entitled Spatial variation of Early Marriage in Suq Al-Shuyoukh District BY Khadija Ali Hassab Mari Al-Kinani

The thesis has been discussed at the Department of Geography , College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Basrah

Top & Abstract: The thesis tackles the spatial variation of early marriage (males and females) in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district. The study aims to know the spatial variance of early marriage in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district at the level of administrative units and the environment (urban-rural) and to know the demographic, economic and social characteristics at the level of its variables of the phenomenon of early marriage and its spatial variance. And to know the factors affecting the increase, spread, clarification and spatial variance, and to know the effects of this marriage.

Thesis Outline: The thesis falls into four chapters representing the introduction and the first chapter dealing with determining the age of marriage and its spatial distribution, while the second chapter dealing with demographic, economic and social characteristics, and the third chapter dealt with the factors affecting the cases of early marriage, while the fourth chapter dealt with the effects resulting from the early marriages.

Conclusions: The thesis concluded that there are factors and variables that helped spread the phenomenon of early marriage and its spatial variation in the district of the Sheikhs market, including these social factors, which are represented by customs, traditions and the degree of kinship as well as school dropout, as for the economic factor, which is represented by the high rate of poverty among young families, which leads them to marry off their girls.