A teacher at the College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Basra, in a radio interview about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving)

Dr. Nidaa Muhammad Baqir, a lecturer at the College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Basra, participated in a radio interview in the Shazarat program, which is broadcast on Al-Mirbad radio, about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving and the capabilities of the human brain. In most accidents that threaten the lives of a large number of people.
It also aims to clarify the limitations of the brain in conducting more than one task at a time.
Dr. Nidaa Muhammad Baqir Al-Yasiri said: There is no personal freedom to use the mobile while driving as long as the effect is reflected on others. In the event of a specific defect as a result of using the phone, the life of passers-by leads to danger, while the open human self involves (me and the other together) otherwise. It is not considered freedom. The person who was stripped of selfishness and actively worked with the rest of the people for the benefit of the group and their freedom in life is the best witness to the civilized freedom of the person.
She also said: The use of the brain in more than one task at a time leads to the distribution of its energy in the number of tasks, because multitasking leads to chemical changes in the brain, which makes a person more reckless and violent in his behavior. Seeing the traffic signals placed on the road .. slow response to road surprises and causing accidents that threaten human life.
At the end of the episode, she recommended not to burden the brain with the costs of carrying out operations beyond its limited capacity and to be satisfied with one task, because this causes the transfer of information to an inappropriate place in the brain that may not be visible under normal circumstances, but appears when a surprise occurs on the way and you find the moment weak response and confusion and the information goes to Incorrect part of the brain, and as a result, accidents occur in the best drivers, because what studies have confirmed is that only one to two percent of those who can do two tasks at the same time. The rest cannot.
It also recommended that the period of driving be the time to get rid of technology and radiation, as it is an opportunity to leave the mobile aside and engage in driving only in order to preserve the safety of everyone... Even in extreme cases, it is possible to stand aside until the end of the call.