Head of the Department of Quranic Sciences


A beautiful phrase that one of our professors said one day when one of the students was sick and could not do some final exams. Words that have many meanings, and deep educational values. I have not forgotten those words despite the passage of many years since the accident. They etched in the memory an indelible location. He said: If I had known the news, I would have sent questions to his house. He was honest in his words, not flattering in his actions. When the goal is to obtain the basic knowledge and skills necessary for the student, one of the important means is testing and evaluation. There is no doubt that the goal will be lost and the goal will not be achieved if we can achieve success outwardly and by any means, even if it is prohibited by Sharia and law. In addition, transgressions of this nature have devastating effects on the personality, because every action that a person does leaves a deep impact on the soul, then its effect increases and becomes a queen. The man believes still investigating the truth until he is a friend of God, and you lying ... and the man lying still investigating and lying even write God a liar. " Hence, in the words of one of the wise men: That a person should not do in secret what he is ashamed of in public. We say these words on the occasion of the solutions of the final exams, and at a time when we stress the seriousness, diligence and perseverance in studying scientific subjects and achieving high grades, we advise our students to stay away from the incorrect ways to achieve success even if the conditions are available and the means are created for them, because they do not reach a result, and they do not end. To this end, we wish all our dear students success and companionship.