Geography department laboratories

The Department of Geography currently includes one laboratory, which is the Laboratory of Maps and Information Systems (GIS), and Remote Sensing R. The laboratory contains (25) high-quality calculators that contain the finest modern electronic programs in this field, and professors specialized in the field of maps and their applications, information systems and sensing work on them. remotely, with a large LCD display screen, and the laboratory is equipped with all amenities for the student. The laboratory aims to:

Training students to draw high-tech digital maps to highlight the geographical phenomenon with accuracy and clarity.
Training students on modern programs and technologies represented by geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing RS, and how to perform their applications.
Teaching students how to deal with and manage data within the program in order to benefit from it in their academic and public life during the post-university stage.
Producing applied research by linking metadata with field data and producing high-tech maps.