Exam instructions

Examination Committee Instructions
Dear students, in order to organize the work of our electronic exams, please take into account
the following points:
1. The dates of the first and third exams will be at ( ) o'clock, and the exams for the second and fourth stages will be at ( ) hours.
2. Confirm the date and subject matter of the article.
3. Take the exam in official attire, with any proof of the student's identity.
4. The exam will be through the official email of the college, and the student must prove the oomsrClas Google and Google application
5. The full name of the students on the official account shall be in Arabic and with the need for an official photo as in the student's ID.
6. The exam is performed using a computer, phone or tablet directly on Google
7. In the case of using the mobile device for the exam, the student must activate the flight mode and then turn on the Wi-Fi to prevent receiving
Calls during the exam to prevent interruption of the exam, and in the case of using the sim card network, all (BLOCK) must be blocked
Contacts to prevent interruption of the exam during the call or to the incoming device.
8. The student registers his name in the (Chat) field of meet Google and does not write anything other than the name
This is to activate the meet through the link that will arrive via Classroom in the user’s device via email.
9. Note that withdrawing from the Classroom program leads to the disappearance of student information from the platform
moorClass is therefore not considered an exam participant.
Emergency contact information:
In the event of obstacles or problems during the exam, please contact the phone numbers of the Examination Committee of the Arov department
mobile 1:
mobile 2: