Administrative and organizational structure

The structure of the college

First - the dean of the college

1- Dean's office.
2- Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance.
3- Internal audit and control.
4- Planning and follow-up.
5- Legal.
6- Basra Research Journal.

Second - Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs

1- Office of the Assistant Dean.
2- Scientific Affairs Unit.
3- College Library Division.
4- Graduate Studies Unit.
5- Continuing Education Unit.
6- Educational Guidance Unit.
7- Student Affairs and Registration Division.
A - Registration unit.
B - Student Affairs Unit.

Third - Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

1- Office of the Assistant Dean.
2- Human Resources Division.
A- Media unit.
B - the archive unit.
C- The Internet and the electronic library.
3- Accounts Division.
4- Equipment unit.
5- Services unit.