About the Guidance Department

The Department of Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance was established in 1984 and accepts students from the preparatory school in its literary and scientific branches, as well as teachers who are academically certified by the Ministry of Education. Psychological, educational and achievement.

 The Department of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance is concerned with preparing the educational counselor who is able to work in schools to reduce students' academic and behavioral problems. The graduate of psychological counseling is characterized by the most important of the following:

Possessing psychological knowledge, principles and theories to understand human behavior in different stages of development

- Mastery of methods, methods and guidance programs.

- Understand the manifestations of normality and abnormalities in the personality.

Understand the roles and primary tasks of the psychological counselor.

The duration of study at the first university level to obtain a bachelor's degree in educational counseling is four years. The Department of Psychological Counseling has a master's and doctorate in psychological counseling and educational guidance.