About the college

• About the College and its Establishment:

The College of Education for Human Sciences was established at the University of Basra in the academic year 1975-1976 AD, and its main objective is to prepare teaching and educational cadres that fall within its interest; In response to the needs of educational institutions in the middle, preparatory, and university stages, in addition, it prepares specialized researchers within its scientific departments, in addition to preparing methods for developing teaching methods in universities, secondary and primary schools, among its important objectives. The college accepts middle school graduates for the literary and scientific branches, depending on the central admission system approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and its main outputs are from the share of the Ministry of Education as male and female teachers and educational supervisors in the middle and middle schools in the province of Basra and the whole of Iraq. The college awards a bachelor’s degree in six majors: (Arabic language, English language, history, geography, psychological and educational counseling, psychological and educational sciences, and the sciences of the Noble Qur’an). It also grants master’s and doctorate degrees in all the aforementioned specializations.