About the Arabic language

The Department of Arabic Language is one of the departments of the College of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Basra. It was established in the early seventies of the last century in the academic year 1975-1976, and it was merged with the Department of English under the name (Department of Languages), and later separated independently because of the Arabic language Broad horizons and existing sciences that must be fulfilled through study and research; The keen interest of students and researchers in this branch of knowledge, which witnessed a wide development, and included a group of senior professors in the various disciplines of language and literature.

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    The Department of Arabic Language, as part of the educational institution, is trying to occupy its distinguished academic position compared to similar educational and academic institutions locally and internationally. To him with grace in his local, regional and international surroundings, God willing.
Department message:
     The Department of Arabic Language at the College of Education for Human Sciences seeks to make the Arabic language an active presence in society, with its deep spiritual heritage, represented as the language of the Noble Qur’an, and the tongue of the Great Messenger of God, as well as its linguistic, literary and aesthetic heritage that goes back to the ancient times. The Arabs have many feats, feats, and various sciences, and he transmitted to us the images of their lives and morals, and preserved the spirit, authenticity, sobriety and beauty of Arabic, and then the Department of Arabic Language took upon itself the service of the Arabic language and its literature, and presented it to its seekers in an authentic scientific presentation in accordance with modern advanced scientific methods.
Section goal:
     The Department of Arabic Language aims to provide educational institutions in the community with scientific cadres specialized in teaching Arabic language and literature, as it awards a bachelor’s degree after completing the four primary stages of study, as well as preparing university professors and researchers in Arabic language and literature after granting them master’s and doctorate degrees at the postgraduate level.