The vision, mission and objectives of the English Department

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: The department aspires to be distinguished among its counterpart departments in other countries in the scientific and academic fields, and to visualize itself for the future. The international quality standards included in the international standard specifications ISO 9001 version 2000 and its subsequent amendments, and the Quality Manual and Academic Accreditation issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, have been implemented. Academic professional culture among academics and employees, as well as noting the prospects for development in all educational and research aspects.

  The strategy

1- Develop a comprehensive scientific plan that ensures the creation of the requirements and requirements that make the student outputs respond to the labor market. 2 - Encouraging the department's teachers to participate in courses, workshops and scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq, in a manner that serves to raise the scientific and cultural level. 3- Holding local and regional scientific conferences. 4- Organizing special workshops for school teachers in order to develop methods of teaching the English language. 5- Organizing special TOEFL courses for graduate students, in addition to the fact that the department is an examination center to obtain the TOEFL certificate. 6- Establishing conversation and strengthening courses in the English language for the various state institutions according to modern language teaching techniques.

Section goal

The section aims at the following:

1- Preparing a generation of teachers for intermediate and preparatory education who have the ability to teach English vocabulary in these educational circles.

2- Preparing a graduate who uses the English language capable of the four skills: A- comprehension and comprehension. b- Speaking. C- reading. D- writing.

3- Enabling students to rely on themselves in what they read and hear in the English language outside the boundaries of the previous study.

4- Creating a behaviorally and emotionally balanced student personality.

5- Developing students' literary taste and aesthetic sense through teaching English vocabulary.

6- Using techniques in order to achieve integration between other methodological aspects and introduce them as an essential part of the education programs in the department.

- Voice and conversation lab in the English language department:

The English language department includes one laboratory, and despite its simple capabilities, it is an element of education and entertainment through the use of smart displays, computers and recording, and despite its small area, it is a quiet and beautiful place, providing the appropriate atmosphere for learning language skills and for teaching its various subjects as science. Voice, conversation and comprehension, except for using it as a place where students train to enrich their conversational skills through theatrical representation, and to carry out various activities.