The vision, mission and objectives of the Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education

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    This department was created based on the visual community’s urgent need for educational cadres and educated models capable of teaching the subject of Quranic sciences and Islamic education in accordance with the modern scientific movement. in the teaching of religious sciences.
Department message:
Moderation in the vision and an attempt to correct the scientific process of the religious orientation that imprints the oath so that the oath’s outputs can later “cultivate a culture of equality and non-discrimination, and non-discrimination between the sects of society in general, and dealing fairly between everyone without regard to a class, sect or sect.
Creating a scientific and conscious generation that is aware of its mission to protect the religion and preserve the Islamic Sharia against the suspicions and deviations spread by the enemies of the Islamic religion and humanity.
Transferring the culture of the Qur’an to society, trying to build a society based on an integrated scientific human model, and correcting the path for our children so that they can know the lean from the fat, the white from the black, and right from wrong.

Section goal:
   Preparing a good elite of promising students who are worthy of carrying the message of the Noble Qur’an to society, spreading it and strengthening it with science and knowledge.