The vision, mission and objectives of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance

Department message:

  The department works on preparing specialists in the field of psychological and educational counseling and qualifying them to work in middle and secondary schools as educational counselors for the Ministry of Education staff by preparing and qualifying them with theoretical and practical experience and developing their knowledge and skills to enable them to become knowledgeable and professional practitioners, morally committed and able to effect positive change in The department also prepares educational, psychological and professional preparation for students of the College of Education in other departments, by teaching them educational and psychological subjects that provide an equal opportunity with the subjects of the specialization in order for the outputs of this college to be highly qualified to be active teachers in the service of education, This department aims to produce educational counselors working in middle and middle schools who are educationally, psychologically and scientifically specialized to provide advice and assistance to students of these schools in solving their social, psychological, educational and achievement problems. Psychological counseling is concerned with preparing an educational counselor who is able to work in schools to address students’ academic and behavioral problems. A graduate of psychological counseling is characterized by the most important of the following:

    Possessing psychological knowledge, principles and theories to understand human behavior in different stages of development.
     Mastery of methods, methods and guidance programs.
     Understand the manifestations of the normal and abnormalities in the personality.
     Understand the roles and primary tasks of a psychological counselor.




   The duration of study at the undergraduate level to obtain a bachelor’s degree in educational counseling is four years, and the department awards a master’s and doctorate in psychological counseling and educational guidance.

- Graduate Studies:

   Postgraduate studies were established with the beginnings of their establishment in the departments of the College of Education in 1986, and the beginnings of the foundation were the study of a master's in educational counseling, then this study developed into a doctoral study in educational counseling and a doctoral study in curricula and teaching methods.




   Graduate studies in the department were closed in light of the directives calling for the closure of graduate studies at the University of Basra, and postgraduate studies in the department were reopened for the academic year 2010-2011

   All the department’s teachers are on permanent staff, noting that a group of female faculty members are assigned to other jobs besides teaching them in the department, and they are:

      (Dr. Amal Abdul Razzaq Naim) Vice Dean of the College of Education for Girls / University of Basra.
     (Dr. Hana Abdel-Nabi Kabin) manages the business and coordination of the Continuing Education Center at the University of Basra.