Doctoral thesis at the University of Basra discusses (the choice of words in the Qur’anic systems, a semantic study)

Doctoral thesis at the University of Basra discusses (the choice of words in the Qur’anic systems, a semantic study) Doctoral thesis in the Department of Arabic Language / College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Basra (Choice of Words in the Qur’anic Systems, a Semantic Study) for the student (Abd al-Hayy Abd al-Nabi Zaybek al-Abadi) The thesis studied (the idea of ​​studying the principle of choice through the words of the Noble Qur’an was an integral part of what the researcher studied in the master’s project. In the master’s study, the matter was limited to verbs related to nature, both living and silent, which allowed us to research the subject of choosing words in the Qur’anic systems to study names and letters, And what is related to air and plants in objective topics made the research diversified, as well as the study of some nouns and verbs related to human wounds. The thesis aims to clarify the importance of Quranic research in its miracles and language, which is considered a sea abounding with tables of knowledge, as its jewels are inexhaustible, and its wonders are not realized, and to address the statement of the uniqueness of the Holy Quran and its benefits, the accuracy of its systems, the splendor of its performance, the beauty of its weaving, and the strength of its words. The thesis concluded the rejection of the principle of synonymy in the Holy Qur’an, or the repetition that is suggested by the repetition of some Qur’anic contexts and words in various scenes. The expressive value that characterizes the Qur’anic systems and its rhetorical miracle is not in the vocabulary independent of the context, or as a vocabulary with content connotations that singled out it in the manner of exclusivity in the same word, nor in the way of systems in the structures of sentences, but rather lies in the accuracy of the selection of the vocabulary and the way these vocabulary systems are in The light of the precise grammatical system, and this is the precise feature of the inimitability of the language of the Holy Qur’an and the technique of expression in it, which represented the utmost magnificence and beauty with its accuracy. o Actual forms were more extensive in significance, and richer in terms of appropriateness of the expressive context, and verbs were more diverse than nouns. Verbs have the power of expressive performance with time, which directs the actual significance towards truth and metaphor, as well as psychological aspects and their impact in the Qur’anic context. There are semantic differences in the words that are considered synonymous in other than the Holy Qur’an. However, there are semantic differences that distinguish each verb from the others.